Established in 2020

It corresponds to a wide range from meeting the standard requirements in the sales and production process, to the promotion of a company’s commercial product, to the creation of its corporate identity and thus the brand. Advertising is also an investment. To achieve your business goals, your investment must reach the target. Our working principles; Our aim is to achieve the purpose of our customer’s spending and to develop long-term commercial relations. We are aware that these two are interconnected. We are happy to serve you in a wide range from the unique requirements of your business to the standard requirements.

Today, a radical transformation is taking place in the entire industry. Integration of markets on a local and global scale, dissemination of the media; intensifies competition in all sectors. As in all of Turkey, we see that companies are trying to institutionalize in Hatay as well. However, this effort will be meaningful when it is experienced together with all the companies worked with. Fikirler Reklam aims to strengthen its customers in the competitive process and to meet their standard and unique requirements at the highest quality/cost ratio. Our company provides corporate services beyond selling individual products to its customers. Our basic understanding is to provide every product that a business may need and to produce new tools that will increase its competitive power.

General manager


It is one of the most important departments in the world of marketing, commerce and business in general, as it is the means through which the objectives of the marketing process are achieved, and to reach a larger number of customers.


The concept of advertising is limited to marketing and promoting products and goods for the purpose of increasing sales, and the concept has evolved to use the latest marketing tools and tools, through which the vast masses of people interested in the offered goods, products and services are reached.